Why do I need to do a positive thinking challenge?

How often are you stuck in a negative mindset? If you answered, “most days!” then it is likely that you need to change the pattern of your thoughts. That is why, this 21-day challenge was created.

Many of us want to change, but the day-to-day challenges of life, combined with deciding what we need to change in our mindset, can be overwhelming. Follow along on this 21-day challenge and at the end, you will be set up to see life in a totally different light.

The challenge is done like this. Read each day’s blog and renew your mind with the scripture journal about the thoughts that challenge you and start to challenge them. Begin the first day, already knowing there are days where you have to take some serious action.

A positive mindset is just around the corner. Go get it.


You can start with a Smile!

Proverbs 15:13 “A cheerful heart brings a smile to your face; a sad heart makes it hard to get through the day.” 

Smiling is something most of us never think about. If we smile, we’re not really conscious of it because it’s something that comes naturally. But, it is possible to gain a smile that’s supernatural, a smile that comes from the practice of taking off old thoughts and patterns of behaviour that lead to sadness, defeat and lack of hope, and put on new thoughts that lead to joy, serenity, and peace of heart. I call it the principle of replacement. As followers of Christ, we have the power through the Holy Spirit within us to overcome every frown with a genuine expression of contentment, knowing that God’s in control. 

Today, grab your notebook and write down your beliefs about yourself. Do you believe you are a good person who is grateful for what they have and want to share with others? Or are you unhappy with what your life holds and want others to feel bad too? 

Do you believe you do not have the right to succeed, based on where you came from? For example, Tony Robbins talks about two brothers, one who is successful and one who is in prison. When asked why they are at that place in their life, both replied, “Well my father went to prison when I was young, so what other life could I have had?” One brother saw that he needed to change and made sure he did everything he could to choose a positive lifestyle and outlook on life. The other brother allowed his past and what he knew to define his future. 

You need to examine the thoughts that pertain to you, and see how they are effecting every day expression of joy. If your thought life is hindering your smile, then it is time to bring joy back to your heart. Your challenge today is to find every opportunity to smile.

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