How to Let Go of the Past and Keep Moving Forward?

First things first, you have to let go of how you thought things were “supposed” to go. This is key for how to let things go. Holding onto “could’ve” “should’ve” and “would’ve” is really not beneficial to you at all.

We try and try to manipulate the outside world to match our internal preferences and most of the time, life throws us curve balls that we don’t expect. We hold on to ideas of “how it was supposed to go,” and by never letting go of the past, it causes us to feel disturbances inside of us that create feelings of depression, anxiety, overwhelm, and regret. Not great feelings to have, right?  

Almost all of us hold on to an idea or situation we thought was supposed to be different and that holds us back from living our best lives and keeps us playing small instead of living big. What if you let go of the ideas you have of how the past should have gone? What if you looked through the lens of “everything happens for a reason” or “everything happens for a reason that serves me”? This is one method for how to let go of the past. Everything that’s happened in your past has led you to where you are at this moment. You are where you’re meant to be this very second.


Today we are challenging the thoughts that say, “I can’t shake my past.” Often our past is what limits us and keeps us defeated.

You truly are a new creation—if you are in Christ. The old has passed away. Your past is over!

Live in Romans 8:28. All things, including your past, work for your GOOD! While your past is over, God can still make it work to your advantage. Believe that

That means your past doesn’t conquer you! You have conquered it, by being in Christ. You’re the head and not the tail! See yourself that way, and your past loses its grip on you.

No matter how guilty you were, you have been pronounced by Jesus as “NOT GUILTY.” Jesus has washed all your sins away (Romans 8:34). That’s how God sees you. Now, you can start seeing yourself that way.

In Acts 28:5, Paul shook off a serpent from his hand. And you have the power to do so as well. Nothing can harm you anymore—not even your past mistakes or shortcomings. Shake it off by speaking to it!

Kiss regret goodbye. Have a burial service for whatever is nagging you. Take 20 seconds and pray this funeral prayer: “Lord, I thank you that this sin or mistake of my past is dead and gone. You have removed it and forgotten it, therefore so do I! I shake it off and commit it to You.” 

And thus concludes this funeral service for your past!!

SAY IT OUT LOUD- I am a new creation in Christ Jesus; and no matter how bad my past is, it’s not only forgiven—it’s washed away!  I am more than a conqueror, and I will not be pushed around by memories or people from my past. Because of the blood of Jesus, I am not guilty. I shake off my past. I declare it is over, and I expect God will turn my situation around for good in some miraculous way, in Jesus’ Name!

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