Is negative thinking due to internal or external circumstances?

As much as we want to think that our negative thinking patterns are coming from external factors, we have to take ownership and control of our own thoughts: we are responsible for our negative thinking patterns. these patterns come from distorted cognitive thoughts, or seeds planted by negative words spoken over us.

Do you know what cognitive distortions are? They are the distorting mirrors of your thoughts planted by trauma and negative words. They are all those mental misrepresentations holding you from seeing a situation as it really is. Cognitive distortions are responsible for most of your negative thinking patterns. We all have them, but we do have power to take them captive, and see the great opportunities to be happy.

Take a second to ask yourself, do you use mental filtering, polarised thinking, personalising, shoulding and musting, global labelling, jumping to conclusions, overgeneralising, emotional reasoning, magnifying and minimising, blaming, always being right? Now that you know about this tendency, you can work on it. Focus on the most frequent distortions and work on reducing your negative thinking with the Word of God. Replace disempowering questions and thoughts with empowering ones. A great way to do so is to try to stick to facts of God’s promises, while removing emotional reactions. One of the way to do this is take captive the thoughts that say ” I don’t feel loved!”


We have embarked upon the most significant journey of our lives: fasting from wrong thinking. And today’s thought is probably the most important one any of us ever deal with at a deep level.

Today we’re challenging the thought that says, “I don’t feel loved.”

The number-one need in every human life is to be loved. Yet sadly, so few actually enjoy a life where they actually feel loved. 

Dispel the myth of an angry God. He poured out His wrath on Jesus while on the cross, so He could pour out His love on you forever. “God is love.” (1 John 4:8) Flood your mind with the thought, “My Heavenly Father tenderly loves me!” (John 16:27 AMP) 

You and God are inseparable. Nothing can separate you from Him or His love. Believe this with every ounce in your being! 

The value of a piece of art is not determined by the cost to make it, but rather by how much someone would pay to have it. God paid for us with the blood of Jesus. That makes us as valuable to God, as Jesus Himself! You are priceless! 

He loves you. That can’t be earned. It is a gift from God (John 3:16). Accept it. Your value is not determined by what you’ve done or not done. Just be loved.  Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are chosen by God, accepted, and outrageously loved by your Heavenly Father! 

SAY IT OUT LOUD- God is not mad at me, He’s mad about me! I am outrageously loved by Him! His love was shown on the cross and His love and favour are for a lifetime! My Heavenly Father tenderly loves me. Therefore, I will feel His love today! He continually calls me His beloved. Nothing can separate me from His love. I am valuable and priceless to Him. I am as valuable to God as Jesus is. I receive His love by faith, in Jesus’ Name!

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